Coin designs

Since 2010 I’ve worked with the Royal Canadian Mint to design the reverse (tails) side of some of the coins they produce. One of them is a circulating coin (the 2012 Lucky Loonie); the others are collectible. More recently, I’ve also had an opportunity to work with the United States Mint. I’m a proud dual citizen and I feel honored to see my work become a small part of the numismatic history of both countries.

Creating a design for a coin-size canvas is challenge I enjoy, but the creative aspect of making coins doesn’t end with the illustration I submit. It is a collaboration between myself and the talented engraver who brings the two-dimensional artwork to life. Additionally, a variety of dedicated Mint staff and other stakeholders play important roles in the complex process of coin production.

Below are some of the coins I’ve worked on.


Boys Town silver commemorative coin – Emily S. Damstra

Maple canopy 2016 gold coin

Arctic hare 2016 silver coin

Grizzly bear head 2015 platinum coin

Lobster 2015 gold coin

Beaver warning 2015 silver coin

Bald eagle with fish silver coin

Bighorn sheep 2014 platinum coin

Maple canopy 2014 silver coin

Polar bear leaping 2014 silver coin

Seahorse 2014 gold coin

Peregrine falcon silver coin

Beaver swimming 2014 silver coin

Beaver family 2013 silver coin

Iceberg and whale 2013 silver coin

Maple leaves kilogram coin

Maple leaves 2013 silver coin

Niagara Falls 2013 silver coin

Sea star 2013 gold coin

Maple canopy 2013 silver coin

Polar bear swimming 2012 silver coin

Wolf cubs 2012 $2 coin

Canada geese gold coin