illustrations of anatomy and life cycles


Mottled Duskywing life cycle illustration – Emily S. Damstra

mottled duskywing butterfly erynnis martialis life cycle illustration

Red-eared slider carapace – Emily S. Damstra

Red-eared Slider carapace Trachemys scripta elegans illustration

False Map Turtle carapace – Emily S. Damstra

False Map Turtle carapace graptemys illustration

Red-eared Slider neck anatomy illustration – Emily S. Damstra

cryptodire turtle neck anatomy illustration

Northern copperhead fangs – Emily S. Damstra

Northern copperhead fangs illustration agkistrodon

Western diamondback rattle – Emily S. Damstra

rattle Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Crotalus atrox illustration

Anatomy of a flower (Salvia) – Emily S. Damstra

flower anatomy illustration Salvia nemorosa

Musculature of a fish (Yellow perch) – Emily S. Damstra

fish musculature illustration

Ctenoid scale of a bony fish (Yellow perch) – Emily S. Damstra

Ctenoid scale of a bony fish (Yellow perch) illustration

Earthworm dissection – Emily S. Damstra

Earthworm dissection illustration

Filter feeding anatomy of the whale shark – Emily S. Damstra

Filter feeding anatomy of the whale shark Rhincodon typus

Galapagos finch beaks – Emily S. Damstra

Finch beaks illustration

Sea lamprey mouth – Emily S. Damstra

sea lamprey mouth illustration

Life cycle of the goldenrod gall fly – Emily S. Damstra

goldenrod gall fly life cycle and tall goldenrod Eurosta solidaginis

Cyprinid pharyngeal dissection – Emily S. Damstra

Cyprinid pharyngeal dissection illustration

Perch skeleton – Emily S. Damstra

perch skeleton illustration Perca flavescens

Tracking Smolt – Emily S. Damstra

smolt, atlantic salmon, tracking