Occasional news related to my natural science illustrations


Cougar illustration, engraved in gold and platinum

The Royal Canadian Mint recently released two new collector coins featuring one of my illustrations – the head of a snarling cougar.

0.5 g Fine Gold Coin - Cougar (2011), illustration by Emily S. Damstra

This 0.5 g gold coin is only 11 mm in diameter! It is the smallest gold coin that the Royal Canadian Mint offers. You can also see it at the Mint’s website.

The Mint released the same illustration on a 30 mm diameter platinum coin which has already sold out:

One Ounce Patinum coin - Cougar (2011), illustration by Emily S. Damstra

You can view this coin at the Mint’s website as well. Thanks go out to the local coin shop Colonial Acres for allowing me to take this photograph of their coin. (At $3,000.00, it wasn’t going to end up in my collection!)