Tag: numismatic art

The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Quarter

Native plants and the insects they support are subjects I’m passionate about, so when the opportunity arose for me to submit a design for the America the Beautiful quarter featuring Tallgrass …

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American Innovation: The Telephone

... it's fitting that the Massachusetts dollar in the United States Mint's American Innovation $1 Coin series highlights the invention of the telephone....It's a straightforward design showing the dial of an early rotary telephone. I ultimately landed on this design idea after sifting through many images of early telephones, including the diagram in Bell's original 1876 telephone patent...
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Colorful new coins; shark, grizzly, wolf, and maples

In the last month or so, the Royal Canadian Mint has released four different nature-themed coins that I designed. This Great White shark swimming through a school of Atlantic mackerel …

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