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Wood Bison on Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bullion Coin

Silver bullion coin from the Royal Canadian Mint, featuring my illustration of a wood bison

Silver bullion coin from the Royal Canadian Mint, featuring my illustration of a wood bison

My illustration of a wood bison ended up on the final in a series of six silver bullion wildlife coins. The Royal Canadian Mint released this one last month; it is available globally from bullion distributors. (Locally, you can find it at Colonial Acres Coins). The coin is 38 mm in diameter.

Wood bison (Bison bison athabascae) are one of two subspecies of American bison – the other subspecies being the plains bison. This wood bison is shown galloping through snow.


  • Beautiful, Emily! Love the detail you can get on these coins!

  • Thank you, Karen. Much of the credit goes the engravers, who do a fine job of translating my drawing into the low-relief sculpture of a coin.

  • Came across your site while researching this coin for purchase. I’ve been following all the coins in the series but have not collected all of them cause I just was not impressed with them all but I consider this one a Winner! Nice forest background, a sparkling river with ripples in the foreground and a Bison that jumps out at you. No wasted space. Thanks to you Emily, I’m very interested in this coin. Good job!


    • John, thanks for your kind words. The bison is actually running through snow but you’re not the first to have seen it as water. It really could be either.

      • I suppose the first coin (wolf) also has snow in the foreground but I also mistook it for something else when it was first introduced. (I’m no artist) The RCM will probably come out with a colorized version of your drawing. Your right, it can be either or even snow that has iced over. Snow,ice or water the coin does sparkle. Your initials are on two of them, did you draw any of the others?

  • John, I designed the pronghorn antelope coin (#5 in the series) but not the first four, so I am not sure about the background in the wolf coin.