Complex interpretive sign illustrations

Over the last several years it’s been a privilege to work with the City of Kitchener (Ontario) to create some complex illustrations for interpretive signs in the City’s urban parks and natural areas. These illustrations aim to educate the public on themes of ecology, stewardship, and the lives of indigenous peoples in the Grand River region.

Below are some examples.


Stream restoration illustration – Emily S. Damstra

stream restoration illustrations

Neutrals managing the land – Emily S. Damstra

neutrals indigenous people illlustraion

Neutral man utilizing weir for fishing – Emily S. Damstra

Neutrals inidgenous person fishing illustration

Urban forest – Emily S. Damstra

urban forest illustration

Urban forest: tree growth and care – Emily S. Damstra

urban forest tree care illustration

Davisville settlement – Emily S. Damstra

Davisville settlement mohawk illustration

Princess Point settlement – Emily S. Damstra

Princess Point settlement illustration

Neutral women collecting wood – Emily S. Damstra

Neutral indigenous women collecting wood

Turtle habitat in four seasons – Emily S. Damstra

Illustration turtle habitat

Neutral village – Emily S. Damstra

Neutral village illustration indigenous

Meadow – Emily S. Damstra

Meadow restoration illustration

A forest in four seasons – Emily S. Damstra

Illustration forest four seasons

Life cycle of the goldenrod gall fly – Emily S. Damstra

goldenrod gall fly life cycle and tall goldenrod Eurosta solidaginis

Please do not pick the plants – Emily S. Damstra

pick wildflowers plants stewardship

Please do not feed the wildlife – Emily S. Damstra

stewardship do not feed wildlife

Please be a responsible pet owner – Emily S. Damstra

stewardship be a responsible pet owner illustration

Please respect wildlife – Emily S. Damstra

Please respect wildlife stewardship illustration