Pest illustrations

For people who are trying to identify and learn about the insects, spiders, and other animals they encounter in and near their homes, a valuable tool is a series of accurate illustrations that show the species without any background “noise” and from angles that make them easy to compare. A couple different pest control companies commissioned the illustrations below to help educate their potential customers.


Powderpost beetle – Emily S. Damstra

Powderpost beetle illustration pest

Norway rat or Brown rat – Emily S. Damstra

Norway rat or Brown rat Rattus norvegicus

Silverfish – Emily S. Damstra

Silverfish illustration Lepisma saccharina

Wolf spider – Emily S. Damstra

Wolf spider illustration Hogna helluo

Eastern yellow jacket – Emily S. Damstra

Eastern yellow jacket illustration Vespula maculifrons

Yellow sac spider – Emily S. Damstra

Yellow sac spider illustration Cheiracanthium inclusum

Box elder bug – Emily S. Damstra

Box elder bug illustration Boisea trivittata

House mouse – Emily S. Damstra

House mouse illustration Mus musculus

Indian meal moth – Emily S. Damstra

Indian meal moth illustration Plodia interpunctella

American giant millipede – Emily S. Damstra

American giant millipede illustration Narceus americanus

Black and yellow mud dauber – Emily S. Damstra

Black and yellow mud dauber illustration Sceliphron caementarium

Oriental cockroach – Emily S. Damstra

Oriental cockroach illustration Blatta orientalis

European paper wasp – Emily S. Damstra

European paper wasp illustration Polistes dominula

Pavement ant – Emily S. Damstra

Pavement ant illustration Tetramorium caespitum

Pharaoh ant – Emily S. Damstra

Pharaoh ant illustration Monomorium pharaonis

Rock pigeon – Emily S. Damstra

Rock pigeon illustration Columba livia

Pillbug – Emily S. Damstra

Pillbug illustration Armadillidium vulgare

Eastern subterranean termite – Emily S. Damstra

Eastern subterranean termite illustration Reticulitermes flavipes

Cat flea – Emily S. Damstra

Cat flea illustration Ctenocephalides felis

Fruit fly – Emily S. Damstra

Fruit fly illustration Drosophila melanogaster

Fungus gnat – Emily S. Damstra

fungus gnat illustration Sciara spp.

German cockroach – Emily S. Damstra

German cockroach illustration Blatella germanica male

Common green bottle fly – Emily S. Damstra

Common green bottle fly illustration Phaenicia sericata female

House centipede – Emily S. Damstra

House centipede illustration Scutigera coleoptrata

House cricket – Emily S. Damstra

House cricket illustration Acheta domesticus female

House fly – Emily S. Damstra

House fly illustration Musca domestica female

House mosquito – Emily S. Damstra

House mosquito illustration Culex pipiens

Black carpenter ant – Emily S. Damstra

Black carpenter ant illustration Camponotus pennsylvanicus worker

Northern black widow spider – Emily S. Damstra

black widow spider illustration Latrodectus variolus

Brown recluse spider – Emily S. Damstra

Brown recluse spider illustration Loxosceles reclusa

Bumblebee – Emily S. Damstra

Bumble bee illustration Bombus impatiens

Eastern carpenter bee – Emily S. Damstra

Eastern carpenter bee illustration Xylocopa virginica female

Clover mite – Emily S. Damstra

Clover mite illustration Bryobia praetiosa

Cluster fly – Emily S. Damstra

Cluster fly illustration Pollenia rudis female

Common black ground beetle – Emily S. Damstra

Common black ground beetle illustration Pterostichus sp.

Drain fly – Emily S. Damstra

Drain fly illustration Clogmia albipunctata

Common earwig – Emily S. Damstra

Common earwig illustration Forficula auricularia

House sparrow – Emily S. Damstra

House sparrow iluustration Passer domesticus

American cockroach – Emily S. Damstra

American cockroach illustration Periplaneta americana

American house spider – Emily S. Damstra

American house spider illustration Achaearanea tepidariorum

Asian lady beetle – Emily S. Damstra

Asian lady beetle illustration Harmonia axyridis

Bald-faced hornet – Emily S. Damstra

Bald-faced hornet illustration Dolichovespula maculata

Bed bug – Emily S. Damstra

Bed bug illustration Cimex lectularius

biting midge – Emily S. Damstra

Biting midge illustration Culicoides sp.

Red imported fire ant – Emily S. Damstra

Red imported fire ant illustration Solenopsis invicta

Roof rat – Emily S. Damstra

Roof rat illustration Rattus rattus

Southern flying squirrel – Emily S. Damstra

Southern flying squirrel illustration Glaucomys volans

Varied carpet beetle – Emily S. Damstra

Varied carpet beetle illustration Anthrenus verbasci

White footed ant – Emily S. Damstra

White footed ant illustration Technomyrmex albipes

Argentine ant – Emily S. Damstra

Argentine ant illustration Linepithema humile

Brown dog tick – Emily S. Damstra

Brown dog tick illustration Rhipicephalus sanguineus

Caribbean crazy ant – Emily S. Damstra

Caribbean crazy ant illustration Paratrechina pubens

Tropical rough-headed drywood termite soldier – Emily S. Damstra

Tropical rough-headed drywood termite illustration Cryptotermes brevis

Eastern gray squirrel – Emily S. Damstra

Eastern gray squirrel illustration Sciurus carolinensis

Eastern subterranean termite – Emily S. Damstra

Eastern subterranean termite illustration Reticulitermes flavipes

Formosan subterranean termite soldier – Emily S. Damstra

Formosan subterranean termite illustration Coptotermes formosanus

Honeybee – Emily S. Damstra

Honeybee illustration Apis mellifera

Odorous house ant – Emily S. Damstra

Odorous house ant or Coconut ant illustration Tapinoma sessile